Losing is not My Enemy

Rafael Nadal is a Spanish Professional Tennis Player currently ranked World no 1 in men’s singles tennis by the (ATP).

Nadal has won 19 Grand Slam singles titles, the , as well as a record 35  ATP Tour Masters 1000 titles, 20 ATP Tour 500  titles and the 2008 Olympic Gold Medal in Singles .

“The problem nowadays is that children have become too much the center of attention. Their parents, their families, everybody around them feels a need to put them on a pedestal. So much effort is invested in boosting their self-esteem that they are made to feel special in and of themselves, without having done anything.”

Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal Spain Indian Wells California 2019

If you don’t lose, you can’t enjoy victories. You have to accept both things.

Rafael Nadal

Image result for rafael nadal photo gallery from australian open

“Losing is not my enemy…fear of losing is my enemy”
Rafael Nadal .

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Love All is the first lesson before one is Ready to Serve .

(c) ram H singhal


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