Tennis : love game of God : spiritual quote 47

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some spiritual quotes from the world of tennis …..

many time people ask ….why tennis only love game of God?

so tell them it starts with … all.

love all is the verdict of a referee


God is a referee and natural and neutral to both the players …..

so is atom …..

and so is cosmos …..

energy equation of cosmos is Zero …..

zero is neither positive nor negative ……

eternal zero dance on eternal zero like a tennis ball…..

good service of humanity is a winning shot …..

if we really want to truly enjoy a game ……

watch a match with a vision of referee ….

then only we can appreciate game of both the players …..

try today with every game of life ….

to be a good referee one has to be a good player first…..


to enjoy the game as a spectator….

one has to have a vision of neutral zero like referee….

referee is freedom from win and lose of life ….

love all.

(c) ram0ram

freedom to right copy and share

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